Easy ways to get rid of the foul odor of your vagina

Women must be aware that your vagina is a sensitive and open organ that can easily harbor bacteria. Once your vagina accumulates too much bacteria it can lead to imbalances such as severe vaginal odor. Although, the vagina does have natural odor to it and it is common among women, it shouldn’t be taken lightly when the odor becomes foul as it can affect your overall health. To avoid having vaginal odor, women should also prioritize simple hygiene as we do with other parts of the body. Here are simple ways to maintain a fresh and healthy vagina.

1. Rinse well

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Ladies, don’t be lazy. You cannot wipe the bacteria from your vagina with a single tissue after you urinate. It is advised by doctors to wash properly with the basic method that is with soap and water. You should also include your anus before you go.

2. Use the correct soaps

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Although soaps are all cleansing, its best to use soap that is specific for cleaning your vagina. Ask your doctor to prescribe you with a suitable feminine wash or soap that is mild on chemicals as some soaps can cause possible irritations or allergies.

3. Wear cotton undies

To keep the sweat from your thighs from going to your vagina, cotton undergarments can absorb the sweat and protect your vagina to avoid the occurrence of odor. Change into clean underwear regularly and make sure it is breathable. Wash your underwear immediately and properly to avoid dirt from get stuck to the fabric.

4. Shave or wax

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Moisture and dirt caught in pubic hair can be a cause of vagina odor, it is a part of hygiene routine to shave or wax-off your pubic hair.

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