10 Amazing Health Benefits of the Tawa-tawa leaf

Eurohorbia Hirta, also known as Gatas-gatas (because of its milky taste) or Tawa-tawa is a plant that grows locally. It’s the kind of plant that just grows everywhere. Most would even mistake it for simple weeds. However, studies by experts say that the tawa-tawa leaf is almost a medical miracle because of the sheer amount of health benefits it has!

Here are 10 of the most important health benefits of the tawa-tawa leaf:

1. Anti-dengue

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Tawa-tawa helps in the production of platelets — the blood cell deficient in people who suffer from dengue.

2. Anti-bacteria

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25 grams of tawa-tawa boiled in 2 cups of water and taken every day would help rid your body of bacteria. This is because of the ethanol extract found in it.

3. Helps with skin problems

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Using tawa-tawa as skin dressing helps in the healing of wounds, sores, boils, fungi, and even warts!

4. Anti-diarrhea

A small amount of tawa-tawa eases digestion, while a larger amount helps purge the digestive track.

5. Helps improve fertility

Being anti-viral and sterile, tawa-tawa helps with problems like venereal diseases and urinary tract infections.

6. Helps kill parasitic worms

Boiled tawa-tawa works as an effective dewormer.

7. Releases negative emotions like stress and anxiety

As the plant works as a sedative, it also helps the mind relax and focus better.

8. Eases the manifestations of allergic reactions

The shikinic acid and choline contents of tawa-tawa helps ease allergies.

9. Keeps the blood pressure down

Its antidiuretic quality helps take your blood pressure down a notch.

10. Anti-inflammatory

Tawa-tawa is also called ‘Asthma weed’ because of its effectivity in easing asthma, sore throats, and even bronchitis.

Indeed, tawa-tawa is a wonder plant! Still, it is best to consult with your physician before using it for any of its benefits mentioned above.

Would you know anyone who would benefit from the tawa-tawa leaf? Why don’t you mention them in the comments section? Also, share with us any experiences you might have with taking Tawa-tawa!

Source: GMA
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