Face-mapping: Reveal your hidden health issues by mapping your face

Today, we live in a modern century wherein diseases and infection can be quickly detected. However, medical professionals in the past possess no reliable instruments to provide them accurate results. Their solution to this dilemma? Face-mapping.

Although face-mapping is not a reliable branch of medicine, many practitioners believe that this is the key to reveal the underlying issues in your body. In this practice, doctors try to determine your sickness by literally mapping the pimples, blemishes, and wrinkles in your face.

As accustomed in face-mapping, if a pimple or a wrinkle is always growing on a particular spot in your face, the exact spot may attribute to your body’s underlying issues. Check out some of them in the list below:

1. If a pimple is growing on your forehead, this could mean gall bladder and liver issues since this spot often attributes to the nervous system and digestive system.

2. If a wrinkle always appears on the right side between your eyebrows, this might mean repressed emotions in your liver. If it grows on the left side, your spleen is the suspect.

3. If you possess small and spotty iris, this might relate to intestinal issues and joint problems.

4. Absence of color in your cheeks can point out to low absorption of nutrients as well as your slow metabolism.

5. Pimple breakout around or in the nose area may reveal blood pressure issue and cardiac problems later in life.

6. If you can observe brown patches growing in your upper lip, it might be a sign of a parasitic infection or indigestion.

7. Breakout in your chin might mean hormonal imbalance.

Now that you know the basics of face-mapping, why not try to determine your health issues the next time you look into a mirror?

The following medical advice was taken from the sources provided below. Please consult a licensed medical practitioner before attempting any of the procedures cited in this article.

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Source: Mindbodygreen
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