Common causes and symptoms of Hyperacidity revealed

Hyperacidity or acid reflux is the condition where there is an excessive level of acidic or gastric juices in the stomach, which causes a person to feel a great deal discomfort and distress.

On one of the episodes of GMA-7’s weekend morning show “Pinoy MD”, they tackled the various causes, symptoms, and remedies of the said condition.

Common symptoms of hyperacidity that were revealed on the show include:

– A sour taste in the mouth

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– Increased salivation,

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– bloated stomach

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– Recurring prickling feeling stomach in a span of 6 months.

According to WebMB, other symptoms include:

-Dry cough

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-Sore throat

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-Dizziness or nausea

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-Consistent hiccups


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According to Dr. Robert Tan, gastroenterologist of Delos Santos Medical Center, stomach acid is necessary because not only does it primarily helps us digest the food that we eat – it also serves as the first line of defense when take food that is not sanitized.

Moreover, Dr. Tan explained that hyperacidity its disadvantages. He revealed that common causes for having hyperacidity are:

-Too much caffeine (more than 3 cups of coffee), milk, and soft drinks

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-Drinking alcohol

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-Eating too much eating of fatty food also aggravate the condition.

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Furthermore, Dr. Tan added that anxiety, stress, and insomnia can trigger these symptoms.

Hyperacidity is a relatively minor condition which only worsens if you don’t have it treated immediately. A sure way to alleviate these symptoms is by drinking an antacid. Moreover, if this condition is neglected then it might cause further complications to the body such as chronic gastritis. Whenever a person experiences a constant reoccurrence of these symptoms then that person is advised to undergo endoscopy, a procedure wherein doctors would look inside the organs of the body.

That is why, it is always advisable to consult a doctor if you happen to experience the above-mentioned symptoms, in order for you to be given the right diagnosis and proper medication.

What can you say about hyperacidity? Do you also have the same experience or do you know someone who is suffering from such a condition? Share your thoughts, reactions, and opinions in the comments section below!

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