Be A Liver Lover: Six Ways On Liver Cleansing

Enjoying the pleasures of eating is not bad. However, always consider the quality of the food you are eating because the primary organ of the body that will suffer tje consequences of your dietary choice is your liver. In case you did not know, the liver is one of the key organs of the body that helps in removing the harmful toxins. So it is very important to undergo liver cleansing every now and then. Here are the six ways to cleanse your liver.

Avoid Processed Foods

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Processed food such as luncheon meats, convenience foods, and edibles with high amount of refined sugars and Hydrogenated oils are bad for your liver health.

Popularly known as the “trans fat,” Hydrogenated oils contains higher amount of saturated fats that could severely increases the risk of developing a heart disease by 25 percent. It could also weaken the immune system and later can trigger an inflammation throughout the body.

For convenience foods and luncheon meats, the nitrates and nitrites found in these foods are highly dangerous to health. These inorganic mixtures are used to help in food preservation.

Instead of using these kind of foods, it is better to replace them with real cooked meats and easy-to-eat fresh fruits.

Vegetable Juice

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If you’re tired of eating it, juicing vegetables will give you another perspective on enjoying this kind of nutritious foods. This other way of consuming vegetables is better when it comes to body absorption.

It might sound disgusting if you mix cabbage, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts but its beneficial effects will help lessen acid levels as they stabilize the “Ph level” in the body. Moreover, it is also helpful for supporting a healthy digestive system by eliminating the toxins in your body.

In case you want to add a little taste in your vegetable juice, you can add an orange, lemon or apple.

High Potassium Diet

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The body requires 4,700 milligrams of potassium every day. However, this is not always met. So start binging on potassium-rich foods that are useful to lower systolic blood pressure, cholesterol level and good for the cardiovascular system.

Here are the potassium-rich foods good for cleansing the liver:

Sweet potatoes

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Tomato puree, paste or sauce

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Spinach and Beet Greens

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Blackstrap Molasses

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Coffee Enemas

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Coffee enemas are good in fighting constipation and in lessening fatigue and are helpful in liver cleansing. Moreover, it is also helpful for normal bile flow and also responsible for the production of glutathione, an effective agent that break downs toxin buildup in your body.

Turmeric Supplements, Dandelion Roots and Milk Thistle

Turmeric is an effective antidepressant agent, good for digestion and stabilizes the blood sugar level of the body. It is also helpful in maintaining the metabolism and health of the liver.

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For the Dandelion roots, it is a proven natural diuretic benefit good for eliminating toxins in the body and supports the immune system, while the milk thistle is recognized for its detoxifying properties.

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Photo Credit: globalhealingcenter

Try eating real liver or liver

Eating the liver of a young but healthy cattle or chicken will provide you a healthy dose of CoQ10, chromium, zinc, copper, iron, choline, folic acid and vitamin A and B.

However, if you can not imagine eating liver, beef liver pills are an alternative way. Just pick the one that has no chemicals.

Start caring for your liver today. If you want to know the health status of your liver, you can always visit a doctor for medical examination.

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