Get rid of your sinusitis in under three minutes with this simple trick

Sinusitis occurs when your sinus is inflamed or swollen due to a thick nasal mucus, resulting in symptoms like sore throat, cough, and trouble with breathing. Although it often goes away on its own, sinusitis can be inconvenient and painful.

If you’re wondering where to find an effective remedy for your annoying sinusitis, then you came to the right place! Today, we’ll show you the easiest and quickest way to relieve your swollen sinus. The best part is you can find these ingredients right in your household.

Contrary to popular belief, sniffing hot steam will not clear your sinus. You might even suffer from severe burns if the steam is too hot, since the lining of your nose is made up of thin and soft tissues. The remedy that we will be showing you today will not only prevent further damage but will provide quick results as well.

The following remedy has been approved by licensed Ear Nose Throat Doctor Gim Dimaguila. During an informational video uploaded by Doctor Willie Ong, the ENT doctor revealed this simple yet effective cure to your sinusitis.

According to Dr. Dimaguila, salt and warm water can do the trick. If you’re suffering from mild sinusitis, relieve the inflammation by flushing water with salt in your nose. To do this, mix rock salt with warm water. Warm water is preferable since it can dissolve salt quicker.

Once the salt is properly dissolved, just flush an ample amount of the saline solution into your nose. Since your sinus is up above your nose, it might be useful to use a syringe to reach it. This can help to eliminate the thick mucus that’s clogging your nose.

Remember, seeking the advice of a doctor concerning your health concerns is a good habit to have. Make sure you always consult with a doctor before you self-medicate.

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