Five reasons why cooking using a microwave can be bad for your health

If you’re a lazy cook just like me, then microwaves are your ultimate best friend. This often used appliance is convenient and fast. Just chuck in a frozen dinner inside, set the timer, and voila! You got yourself an instant meal in less than three minutes. However, did you know that cooking in microwave can be bad for you? Yes, you read that right. Our reliable kitchen best friend might not be so reliable when it comes to our health.

According to a report published on Medical Daily, researchers have cited five reasons why sticking to microwave-cooked meals is bad for you. Aside from diminishing some of the nutritional values in your food, the small amount of radiation emitted by this appliance can be detrimental to your health.

That and more in the top five reasons why microwave is bad for you. Check them out below:

1. Microwave can lessen the nutritional value of your food

-Have you ever wondered how microwave cooks your food so fast? The secret is the radiation emitted inside, but this also causes water molecules in your food to dry faster. When your food is stripped of moisture, it results to molecular friction which will change the molecular structure of your food.

2. Microwave affects Vitamin B-12 and breast milk

-A study by the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry proved that about 30-40% of vitamin B-12 was lost when raw pork, beef and milk were cooked in the microwave. This is true with breast milk as well, and it can also endanger an infant because breast milk exposed in microwaves were discovered having a higher E. Coli growth.

3. Microwave can release carcinogens in your food

-Although the food you are eating might be healthy, how you cook them makes the entire difference. According to Medical Daily, microwaving your food can create carcinogens and harmful toxins.

4. Microwaves can alter your blood’s components

-A clinical study concluded in Switzerland found that people who consume more microwaved food are more prone to have more white blood cells than others. The study proved that the participants’ white blood cell level increased, while their red blood cells level dipped.

5. Microwaves can alter your heart rate

-Microwaves emit 2.4 GHz radiation, which are pretty harmless unless you experience prolonged exposure. In that case, the radiation released by microwaves can drastically affect an individual’s heart rate.

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Source: Medicaldaily
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