Everything you need to know about breast lumps and the cure

If you’re a woman, one of the most vital things you should do to keep your body in check is to conduct regular breast checkups. Many medical professionals advise women to conduct checkups to check regularly for the presence of breast lumps.

There are different types of breast lumps and they usually manifest to tell you what’s wrong with your body. Most of the common causes of breast lumps are infection, cancerous or non-cancerous growths, and injuries.

Every year, more and more women are suffering from preventable illnesses because they fail to conduct breast checkups. To avoid suffering from terminal illneses, it always pays to inspect your breasts on a regular basis.

It only takes two minutes, but it can save your life. Most doctors claim that it is best done in the shower where you can freely raise your arms and check for jagged lumps in your breasts.

If you happen to detect a lump in your breast, you should immediately consult the advice of a doctor. After undergoing a series of examinations, your doctor will determine the causes and cures fo your condition, or if it will require surgery.

Contrary to the popular belief, not all breast lumps require surgery. According to social media-famous doctor Willie T. Ong, a doctor will only consider surgical removal if the breast lump is too large, if the patient has a family history of cancer, or if the mammogram or ultrasound result showed signs of cancerous growth.

If your condition requires surgery, be prepared to go under the knife. According to the doctor, the operation is swift and the last thing that a patient needs is to be frightened. Find a trustworthy doctor whom you can rely on during these times of crisis.

Since surgery comes at a hefty price in the Philippines, patients are also advised to seek assistance from the Surgery Department and Out Patient Department of most hospitals run by the government.

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